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Pen Magazine interview with playwright Tsukasa Kondo, Page 1, 2, August 27th, 2018

NY Japion, August 16th, 2016 issue. InterviewAstand Starfile long interview, May 20, 2011

Seoul News Paper, Featured Article, June 23 2011 issue

BEST STAGE interview (Magazine), January 2012 issue

Nikkan Sports, Interview, May 15, 2011

Kansai Walker, Interview, May 2011 issue

‘Gekkan Musical (Musical Monthly)’ Interview, December 2008 issue

Theatre Guide (Monthly), Interview with Kei Aran and Mate Kamaras, June 2011 issue

Wave Sankei interview with actor Julian, June 2011‘Sankei Living’ Interview, January 11, 2011

Interview Sankei Living (Newspaper), Featured Interview, May 14, 2011 issue

Ticket Pia (ぴあ), Interview

Yahoo! news, Interview for Dracula

Weblog Butakome, Featured Interview with actor Julian Page 1 Page 2 May 2011

Gekkan Musical (Musical Monthly), Featured Interview,   May 2011 issue

Danza Magazine, featured article, May 2013, issue


Media Mentions

Buzz Feed Japan, 「女だから」「男のくせに」、「〇〇らしく」って、正直つらくない?, August 6, 2018

Asahi Shimbun digital, 在米日本人クリエーター、セクハラ、ネット炎上、メディアの在り方..., July 25, 2018

Sankei News, 在米日本人クリエーター、セクハラ、ネット炎上、メディアの在り方..., July 25, 2018

Shuukan NY Seikatsu, July 21, 2018 issue

Yahoo! Japan News, セクハラやネット炎上と戦う「女性アナウンサー」ドラマ NY在住日本人が製作するワケ, July 16, 2018, "Reading Set for Other World by Hunter Bell, Jeff Bowen, and Ann McNamee" (as Jamie Parton), February 9, 2018, "HOLD ON: THE MUSICAL to Rock Feinstein's/54 Below in Concert This Winter" January 18, 2016, "Mackenzie Bell, Matthew James Thomas and More Set for BROADWAY" Feb. 9, 2015, "Alice Ripley Joins Gen Parton Shin For Impromptu Japanese NEXT TO NORMAL Cover" July 1, 2014

Theatre Guide, Press Release for Broadway in Japan, June 5, 2013


"Gen Parton Shin gives an empathetic portrayal of the conflicted boyfriend who will not marry. In two slight scenes with a scant amount of dialogue to define character, he has infused his own personality to flesh out a full person."

Ambitious 'Jackson Heights Trilogy' hits Manhattan


Tokyo Shimbun, review, March 23 (evening edition), 2012

ASAHI Shimbun, review, May 20, 2011

Yomiuri Shimbu, RENT review, November 19, 2008

Asahi Shimbun, RENT review, December 12, 2008



Showgoers- Cross-Cultural Theatre and Translating "Hamilton" with Gen Parton-Shin -  7/23/2018



Show Me Love with Emma Miyazawa, Bayfm78 Tokyo - Episodes 5/13/2018, 5/20/2018, 5/29/2016 and 6/5/2016

Kansai Walker live ustream interview, May 10, 2011